About the Project

Indigenous identity is complex. This video is nice and explains a bit about Aboriginal identity. Gives you perspective on why it’s important to have these conversations about identity, because there are so many layers to identity. It is my hope that younger people will know who they are and where they they come from and where they are going to go next. 

The cultural identity ePortfolio is a project developed to help students explore their cultural identities. This project allows students to merge their cultural identity with their educational identity and promote educational success. The goal is that students will find ways to ground their education with their culture and their values and their education will be a tool for them to support their communities and family. The purpose of the ePortfolio is for the student to map out their identity and create an opportunity to think about their educational goals. Another reason, is for students to realize how their education can connect with their identity. The last reason, is that students will be able to reflect on their learning, experiences, identity, and culture to see their progress and set goals for the future.