Professional development

Volunteer experience:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters 10-11th grade
  • Providence’s Children’s Hospital volunteer 2009-2011
  • Volunteered at Native Assembly’s soup kitchen 2009-2013
  • Take Wing program Volunteer 2012-2013
  • Native Early Transition Program Volunteer 2011-2014
  • Junior Native Youth Olympics volunteer- 2014
  • First Alaskans Institute volunteer (Alaska Federation of Natives Conference)-2014
  • Native Student Council (Talked with High school students)-2013,2014, 2015
  • Health Summit-Conference Volunteer-2015
  • UAA Alaska Native Alumni-2015 


  • Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium: The Seven Circles conference (Sitka, AK)-2005
  • AFN Elders and Youth Conference (Anchorage, AK)-2008
  • Rural Providers Conference (Fairbanks, AK)-2013
  • Alaska Federation of Natives Conference (Anchorage, AK)-2013,2014
  • Alaska Native Studies Conference (Fairbanks, AK)-2014
  • UAA Leadership Conference (Anchorage, AK)-2014
  • Health Summit (Anchorage, AK)-2015
  • Healing Our Spirits Worldwide (Hamilton, New Zealand)-2016


  • Suicide prevention (Anchorage, AK)- 2012,2013
  • Mental Health First aid course (Anchorage, AK)-2012
  • UAA’s Diversity training (Anchorage, AK)- 2012
  • Alaska Native Dialogues on Racial Equity host training (Barrow, AK)-2015


  • CPR & First Aid (Anchorage, AK) -2016
  • Food Worker (Anchorage, AK)-2016
  • Therapeutic Options (Anchorage, AK)-2016



  • Native Student Council Alumni
  • UAA Alaska Native Alumni 
  • UAA Alumni Association 

Personal reading: